MP Board Class 2 Maths Textbook

Textbooks are the perfect source for students to help with their overall development, as it explains about various topics under it. The MP Board Class 2 Maths Textbook covers topics in depth, providing a foundation in the subject for the students.

Given below is the chapter wise list of PDFs for class 2 Maths textbook in hindi medium. Students can download these on their laptops, mobile phones or other portable devices. These topics in the class 6 textbooks are based on the MP Board Syllabus.

Download the Class 2 Maths Textbook PDFs in Hindi

पाठ 1

संख्याओं की समझ

Download link

पाठ 2

संख्याओं में अंत: सम्बंध

Download link

पाठ 3


Download link

पाठ 4


Download link

पाठ 5


Download link

पाठ 6

जयमतिया आकृतियाँ

Download link

पाठ 7

मापन(लम्बाई,वजन एवं धारिता)

Download link

पाठ 8


Download link

पाठ 9


Download link

Why use MP Board Class 2 Maths Textbook?

  • Maths sum explained in simple steps
  • Interest students with homework and projects
  • Use it to revise for exams
  • Teachers can create teaching plan

BYJU’S provide more details about 2nd standard of MP Board and its study material here.

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