Madhya Pradesh Board Class 6 Social Science Syllabus

For Class 6 students like any other significant subjects such as Maths and Science, Social Science is also an important subject. The subject of Social science carries equal weightage, as do Maths and Science. The marks obtained in this subject will affect the overall percentage of students. So, students must be well aware of their respective MP Board Class 6 syllabus of Social Science to fetch good marks. The syllabus is designed in a well-structured format so that students can quickly go through it and get an idea of the topics they will be taught in the classroom.

Students can download the PDF of MP Board Class 6 Social Science syllabus by clicking the below-mentioned link.

Download MP Board Class 6th Social Science Syllabus

Unit Unit Name
Unit 1 The Sources of Knowing History
Unit 2 The Primitive Man
Unit 3 The Family and the Society
Unit 4 Interdependence
Unit 5 The Solar System and our Earth
Unit 6 Globe and Map
Unit 7 Latitudes and Longitudes
Unit 8 The Realms of the Earth
Unit 9 The Harappan Civilization
Unit 10 The Vedic Culture
Unit 11 The Age of Janpadas and Mahajanpadas
Unit 12 The Mauryan Empire
Unit 13 Community and Community Development
Unit 14 Tribal Society
Unit 15 Our National Symbols
Unit 16 India our Country
Unit 17 The Climate of India
Unit 18 The Periods of Shungas Satvahanas and Kushanas
Unit 19 The Gupta Period and the Post-Gupta Period
Unit 20 India’s Relations with the other Asian Countries
Unit 21 The Local Self-Government
Unit 22 The Local Self-Governing Bodies in Cities
Unit 23 District Administration
Unit 24 Natural Vegetation and Animals in India
Unit 25 The Main Crops of India
Unit 26 Mineral, Sources of Power and Industries in India
Unit 27 The Means of Transport in India
Unit 28 The Population and its Distribution in India

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