Madhya Pradesh Board Class 6th Syllabus

The MP board strives hard to provide quality education at all levels and lays high emphasis on higher primary education. At this stage, students make the transition from learning the basics to learning more abstract subjects such as Algebra. Students are introduced to these complex subjects without burdening them too much. This is reflected in the MP Board Class 6 Syllabus and the efforts of the board are commendable.

Extra care is taken to ensure that the syllabus is designed in such a way as to make the learning an enjoyable process. This enables the students to have a strong foundation in Science and Maths without which it will be really hard to understand topics that are covered in later stages. In addition to having a good foundation, the students also retain their learning for years to come.

Have a look at the MP Board Class 6 syllabus for Science and Maths Subjects.

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