Reasons to Refer NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Board exams

As exams approach, students worry about completing the syllabus on time and the books to refer. With abundant study materials available, most students waste time deciding the right option and end up choosing the wrong study material. As per experts suggestion and toppers guidance, the best way to prepare for the class 10 board exams is by practicing more questions from NCERT books and referring NCERT solutions to understand the right way to solve problems. Here in this article, let us look at five reasons to refer NCERT solutions for class 10 board exams.

The thematic organisation and the presentation of topics in NCERT textbooks pivot around the processes of learning than mere outcomes. NCERT books focus on the fundamentals and help students get a clear understanding of all the basic concepts. NCERT books strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum and focuses on the fundamentals and help students get a clear understanding of all the basic concepts. Now let us look at the reasons listed below to refer NCERT solutions:

  • Tricky concept-based questions

NCERT question banks consists of tricky questions that forces students to think out of the box . Here is where NCERT solutions come into play. Do not hesitate to refer the solutions of questions that you are unable to solve. These are included to help you understand concepts better. By practising these questions regularly one can easily score good marks in the exam.

  • Elementary method of Explanation

As mentioned before, NCERT books focuses on the basic concepts of every subject. This is beneficial in subjects like mathematics and Chemistry.

  • Essential For Board Exams

On the other hand, NCERT forms the backbone of Board Examinations. One can not risk skipping NCERT questions to score good marks from class 10 boards point of view. Referring to NCERT solutions not only provides you with the detailed methodology of the problem, but also with the detailed step by step procedure that will help you fetch marks in the examination.

  • Authored by Experts

The NCERT solutions are authored by subject matter experts after extensive research. Hence, one does not have to question the genuinity of the solutions provided.

  • Reasonable pricing and easily accessible

The NCERT books are least priced textbooks in the market today. The coloured textbooks cost no more than Rs 50. As for the solutions, they are available in online various platforms. One can easily access these solutions and practise questions and understand solutions at their own pace.

There is no harm in using other reference books or additional books. But it has been noticed that other reference books consist of concise notes without providing any basic knowledge. This can confuse students and make them deviate from the target. Hence, it is best to refer NCERT textbooks and solutions to perform excellently.

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