Difference Between Zoospore and Zygote

Zygotes are cells produced as a result of sexual reproduction when male and female gametes are fused for fertilization to take place. Zoospores, on the other hand are the asexually reproductive structures generated by some algal and fungi species to reproduce. These can be diploid or haploid and are microscopic.

Difference Between Zoospore and Zygote

Listed below are some differences between Zoospore and Zygote:



Asexual spore generated by some species of fungi and algae

Sexually reproduced cells, where female and male gametes unite

It is flagellated and motile

It is non flagellated and motile or non motile

Diploid or haploid


Produces individuals after germination

Undergoes development forming an embryo producing new individuals

Formed in lower entities

Formed in higher plant and animal entities

Formed inside zoosporangium

Formed by gamete fusion

These were differences between Zoophores and Zygote. Visit BYJU’S for other differences important for NEET.

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