Where is the Glenoid Cavity located?

The glenoid cavity is found in the scapula or shoulder blade. The head of the humerus fits in the glenoid cavity by ball and socket joint.

Glenoid Cavity

The glenoid cavity is also known as the glenoid fossa. It is a small depression present at the lateral part of the scapula bone or shoulder blade of the pectoral girdle. It is present below the acromion process.

Glenoid cavity articulates with the humerus of the upper limb by the glenohumeral joint. It is a type of synovial joint known as the ball and socket joint.

The biceps tendon helps in holding humerus at the place in the glenoid cavity. The muscles of the rotator cuff also ensure that the head of the humerus properly fits in the glenoid cavity. It also stabilizes the shoulder joint and allows the different range of movement.

The glenoid cavity is shallower compared to the acetabulum, where the head of the femur or thigh bone fits, providing more mobility. This is also the cause of frequent dislocation.

So the glenoid cavity is the point of attachment of the upper limb to the trunk.

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