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Physics Practical Class 10 - Tracing the Path of the Rays of Light Through a Glass Prism. Viva Questions with Answers

1) What is reflection?

One of the fundamental and main properties of light is reflection. At an interface in-between two different media, when the travelling light ray changes its direction, this type of phenomenon is known as reflection. Reflection is nothing but the images you see in the mirrors.

2) Define refraction.

Refraction is basically the bending of light when it passes from one medium to another. Several devices, such as magnifying glasses, microscopes, corrective lenses etc., use this property of refraction.

3) What is magnification?

Magnification of the lens is basically the ratio of the linear size of the image to the linear size of the object.

m = (linear size of the image/linear size of the object)

4) What is the dispersion of light?

The phenomenon of splitting white light into its seven constituent colours, when the light is made to pass through a transparent medium, is known as dispersion.

5) On what factors the angle of deviation through a prism depends?

The angle of deviation through a prism depends on the following factors:

  • The angle of a prism
  • The angle of incidence
  • The optical density of the material used in a prism.

6) What happens to the incident ray when it enters the prism?

The incident ray bends towards the normal, and its path gets changed and deviated when it enters the prism.

7) What is a refractive index?

When a light ray passes from a medium to some other medium, the measurement of bending of that light ray is known as the refractive index. It can be expressed as n = c/v.

8) What is the formula to calculate the refractive index of a medium?

The following formula can be used to compute the refractive index of a medium:

n = c/v

where, the refractive index of the medium is denoted by ‘n’

the velocity of light in a vacuum is denoted by ‘c’

the velocity of light in the medium is denoted by ‘v’

9) What is a prism?

A prism is an optical object with a triangular base and three rectangular lateral surfaces. It is used to study the behaviour of white light when it is passed through the prism. The light bends through the prism at several angles, like an angle of refraction, incidence, and angle of deviation.

10) How does the refractive index vary with wavelength?

As per the definition of the refractive index, the product of wavelength and frequency gives the speed of light and since the frequency of the light wave remains unaffected, irrespective of the medium. However, the wavelength of the light wave variates based on refraction. This is the reason for the variation in the refractive index with wavelength.

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