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Physics Practical Class 12 - To draw the characteristic curve of a Zener diode and to determine its reverse breakdown voltage. Viva Questions with Answers

1) How do you define a Zener diode?

A semiconductor device that allows current to flow either in the reverse or forward direction is known as a Zener diode.

2) Why is Zener Diode used as a regulator?

To make the load reverse bias, Zener diodes are connected parallel to the load, and once the Zener diode surpasses forward voltage, the voltage across the load becomes constant. Hence it can be concluded that a Zener diode is used as a shunt voltage regulator.

3) What is the difference between a Zener diode and a normal diode?

The major difference between a normal and a Zener diode is in the passage of current. A Zener diode allows current to flow in both directions, whereas a normal diode allows current to flow only in one direction.

4) What is a voltage regulator?

A device that regulates the voltage level is known as a voltage regulator. It basically keeps the input voltage at that same level during the supply by stepping down the input voltage to the desired level. This guarantees that the voltage doesn’t drop, even when a load is applied.

5) What is Zener Breakdown?

The kinetic energy of the electrons increases when the diode is reverse biased, and they move at a high velocity. The high-velocity electrons give rise to free electrons as they collide with other atoms. In turn, a high value of reverse saturation current is produced by these free electrons. This is known as Zener breakdown.

6) What is a diode?

To transform AC into DC and also to protect circuits by limiting the voltage, diodes are used. Most of the diodes are made using semiconductors like germanium and silicon. Even though the diodes transmit current in a single direction, the way of transmitting differs for each diode because there are different kinds of diodes with different applications.

7) What is avalanche breakdown?

Avalanche breakdown is a process of increasing the electric current or free electrons in a semiconductor and insulating materials by applying high voltage.

8) Name the materials that are used in the fabrication of diodes.

The materials that are used in the construction of the diode are semiconductor materials such as silicon and germanium.

9) What are semiconductors?

The materials whose conductivity lies between non-conductors or insulators, such as ceramics and conductors like metals, are known as semiconductors. Pure elements, such as germanium or silicon or compounds, such as gallium arsenide, come under the category of semiconductors.

10) To keep the diode in the breakdown region, a factor is required for voltage regulation; name that factor.

For voltage regulation to keep the diode in the breakdown region, the factor which is required is the minimum reverse current.

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