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For the improvement and advancement of society, we have grown to depend on the enhancement of technology available to us. For the enhancement of technology, we have to depend on the sciences, particularly the physics of it all. Unless the idea hatching in an inventor’s brain doesn’t conform to the laws of nature, its existence isn’t feasible.

For example, in the late 19th century, the concern was to be able to transmit more than a single message using the telegraph. When innovators were trying to improve the telegraph, a few others had ideas about communication that weren’t even related to the telegraph. With the basic principles of physics at the time, the telephone was invented!


The physicist, Ernest Rutherford, who paved the path to the exploration of nuclear physics, didn’t believe that energy could be tapped from atoms. But now, we are consistently using nuclear fission for energy production and looking into economical ways of tapping into nuclear energy through fusion!

How Technology Has Changed the World Cinema?

Did you know that the movie Avatar (release date: 2009) was actually written by James Cameron in the 1990s and set for release in 1999. Guess why it wasn’t released, then? Apparently, the technology to develop such a movie wasn’t available at the time. The impact of science and technology on society can be seen in many aspects… even entertainment!


The point here is that all of these are interconnected. Technology affects society, and science affects technology. But again, society influences technology and only with certain technologies, can advancement in science be achieved as well.

Another thing you should know is that, among the various sciences, physics is considered fundamental. Do not confuse this with the common saying that “physics is the most important”. Obviously all of them are.

Since physics deals with the actions and interactions of all existence in the conceivable universe, it is considered “fundamental” following which the studies of other aspects come into play. Physics also has a key role in the development of the other sciences.

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