Propane Formula

Propane formula is given here along with its structure and other details. To recall about propane, it is one of the liquefied petroleum gases and is used as fuel in domestic and industrial places. Unlike methane, which is a compressed natural gas, propane much cleaner and is extracting natural gas from the reservoir. Check out the difference between CNG and LPG here.

Propane Structural Formula

A propane molecule has three carbon atoms and eight hydrogen bonds. Propane has a molecular mass of molar mass is 44.097 g/mol and has a free rotation and a tetrahedral conformation. The structure of propane is given as-

Propane Structural Formula

Propane Chemical Formula

Chemical Formula of Propane


Extended Propane Formula


Propane is an odorless and colorless gas and has several uses. Apart from being used in LPG, propane is also used as biofuel in buses and taxis as it is a clean fuel. It is also the main gas in blowtorches and for hot air balloons.

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