Punjab Class 8 English Syllabus

To score good marks in their exam, students should be thorough with their Punjab Class 8 English syllabus. English is considered to be an important subject for PSEB Board Class 8 students. But, students always ignore this subject and concentrate on major subjects like Maths, Science, etc. Scoring good marks in English subjects will uplift the overall percentage. Having a thorough knowledge of the syllabus will help them to be confident while writing the exam paper The Punjab Board syllabus of Class 8 English will familiarise students with crucial topics and sub-topics from exam perspective.

To get a clearer picture and details about the syllabus topics for the current academic year, students can refer to these PSEB Class 8 English Syllabus 2021-22 PDF in punjabi.

Download PSEB Class 8 English Syllabus 2021-22 PDF

Below we have provided a detailed syllabus of English for Punjab Board Class 8 students.

Unit I Reading Skills

1. Unseen Passage for Comprehension

2. Unseen picture based Comprehension (with five multiple choice questions)

3. Comprehension based on Dialogue/Conversation

Unit II (Textbook)


1. Abdul Hamid

2. Say ‘No’!

3. How Daddy Decided What He Wanted to be

4. Three Questions

5. Our National Symbols

6. The Punjab-A Glimpse

7. Childhood

8. Two Memorable Speeches

9. Saint Ravidas

10. How Daddy Decided What He Wanted to be

11. Three Questions

12. Our National Symbols

13. The Punjab-A Glimpse

14. Childhood

15. Two Memorable Speeches

16. Saint Ravidas


1. True Growth

2. Abou Ben Adhem

3. This is My Prayer To Thee

4. Sympathy

5. He That Is Down Needs Fear No Fall



1. Parts of Speech

2. Nouns

3. The Pronoun

4. Adjectives

5. The Verb

6. The Tenses

7. Active and Passive Voice

8. The Adverb

9. Non-Finite

10. The Determiners

11. The Sentence


1. Letter/Application Writing

2. Notices, Explaining Newspaper Headlines

3. Guided Creative Writing

4. Dialogue Writing

5. Complete an Incomplete Paragraph

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