Pyridine Formula

Pyridine formula is given here along with its structure. Pyridine is structurally related to benzene (C6H6) with a nitrogen atom replacing one methine group. Both the chemical and structural formula for pyridine is explained below.

Structural Formula for Pyridine

As stated above that pyridine is structurally similar with benzene with a nitrogen atom replacing one of the =CH− groups. The structure is given in the figure below.

Structural Formula for Pyridine

Pyridine Chemical Formula

Pyridine has 5 carbon atoms, 5 hydrogen atoms, and a nitrogen atom. It is a 6 atom heterocyclic organic compound and has a molar mass is 70.0999 g/mol.

Pyridine Formula = C5H5N

Pyridine is a colorless to yellow liquid with a fish-like odor. It is mildly basic, flammable, and toxic to humans. There are several uses of pyridine and some of the most notable ones are in dental care products, pharmaceuticals, in dyes and paints, as a reducing and sulfonating agent, etc.

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