Telangana Board Class 7 Syllabus

The Board of Secondary education, Telangana paid special attention to mathematics and science subjects. Because human needs are highly related in these two areas in our daily life. It is in our life. Like from creation of universe to today’s modern world , from home to society. All students must learn mathematics and science so that you can be able to face the challenges in daily life situations.

Mathematics and science are highly related to each other.We cannot do science without mathematics. It helps you to think critically, logically to take decisions. The basic concepts involved in class 7  maths are number system, measurement, geometry, algebra etc. In science, living organism, matter around us, motion and forces etc chapters are included. The concepts in class 7 syllabus provides basic knowledge and students will come to know about the detailed knowledge on those concepts in their higher classes.

Here is the syllabus  for class 7 Maths and Science:

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