Telangana Board class 7

The Telangana Board of Secondary Education (BSE,Telangana) is under the attention of  Government of Telangana. The board was set up in the year June 2014. The bse telangana board prescribes the syllabus and textbooks and providing affiliations to the institutions. The main aim of the board is that

  • Education is provided to all the sections of society
  • Special attention is provided to rural, tribal and underprivileged sections
  • Strengthens girls’ education
  • Providing quality education
  • Providing equivalence to the examinations that are conducted by the other boards.
  • Framing and revising the syllabus
  • Publication of textbooks

Every year board examination has to be conducted in the month of March-April whereas the supplementary exam is conducted in June-July for the students who want to retake the examination incase if they failed or they want to improve their marks in board exams.

Here is the syllabus, textbooks and sample question papers for class 7 Telangana board. Click the below link to access it.


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