Telangana Board Class 10 Science Textbooks

Science textbooks normally undergo regular revisions following the update from the research and development team of the state, thus enabling students to keep up with the times. The book covers topics from both Physical and Biological Science. Some of the important topics it covers include Chemical reactions, structure of an atom, Human eye, Nutrition, Heredity and so on. Telangana Board Class 10 Science Textbooks illustrate various activities and interesting experiments covering the practical aspects of science.

Given below are the links to download the TS Board Class 10 Textbooks for Physical and Biological Science in both English and Telugu Medium.

Telangana Board Class 10 Textbook Science-Physical and Biological Science

Click on the links above to access textbooks of Science including the Telangana board 10th Class Physical Science and Biological Science book as prescribed by BSE, Telangana.

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