Adverbs of Frequency Worksheet

Adverbs are one of the introductory chapters that are introduced to children in their primary classes. It is essential that students develop the basic knowledge of adverbs as it’s one of the vital parts of speech. Adverbs are those words that describe/modify a verb, adjective or another adverb in a sentence. Adverbs can be classified into seven subcategories, and one among them is the adverb of frequency. If students grasp the concept of adverbs and what are the different types of adverbs, it will help them solve adverbs of frequency worksheets without any confusion.

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What is the Adverb of Frequency?

Adverb of frequency is one among the seven subcategories of adverbs. The word ‘frequency’ means how often or the rate at which something happens/occurs. Similarly, an adverb of frequency is an adverb that denotes how frequently/often an action happens/occurs. For example, “We always meet at the cafe.” Here ‘always’ is used as an adverb of frequency. There are many adverbs of frequency worksheet pdf available at BYJU’S website that children can practise to strengthen their concepts.

Rules of Adverb of Frequency

There are some basic rules that children must follow when they are solving adverbs of frequency worksheets. These rules will help them to identify the adverb of frequency quickly.

  • Adverb of frequency is generally placed in the middle of any sentence before the verb and after the subject. For example, “Ram often goes to the park.” Here, ‘often’, i.e. adverb of frequency, is placed before the verb ‘goes’ and after the subject ‘Ram’.
  • If there are two verbs in the sentence, the adverb of frequency will be placed before the principal verb (main verb). For example, “Ron has frequently visited the hospital.” Here, the adverb of frequency, i.e. ‘frequently’, is placed before the main verb ‘visited’.
  • Adverbs of frequency are used to denote repeated actions or routine activities, so in most cases, adverb of frequency is used in simple present tense sentences. “The Sun always rises in the East.” Here, the adverb of frequency, i.e. ‘always’, is used in a sentence that depicts a routine activity.
  • If one wants to use an adverb of frequency to form an interrogative or negative sentence, then the adverb of frequency is placed before the principal verb. For example, “Emma often goes to work late.” Here, ‘often’ is used before the main verb ‘goes’.

Frequently Asked Questions on Adverbs of Frequency Worksheet

What is the adverb of frequency?

Adverb of frequency is an adverb that denotes how frequently/often an action happens/occurs. For example, “Rachel always arrives on time in the office.”

Where to find adverbs of frequency worksheets?

BYJU’S website is a one-stop destination for all kinds of worksheets. If you are looking for adverbs of frequency exercise worksheets, you can visit BYJU’S website and download free worksheets pdf for practice.

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