Biology Projects For Class 11

Biology is a natural science which involves the complete study of life, along with its functions, physical and chemical composition, classifications, evolutions, animals, plants and other living organisms both existing and extinct on our planet earth. The main concept of studying biology is to learn about living, non-living, about different scientists, their inventions, contribution, about life and its existence. It is a very vast subject which is composed of several branches, including Anatomy, Botany, Evolution, Genetics Zoology, etc.

Apart from the regular curriculum, theory and other practical knowledge, these projects also play an important role in the student’s life both in their school and college level. Biology projects help students to explore more in detail about the topic while having complete research before concluding it. As mentioned earlier, biology is a vast subject and students can have a huge number of options to select the topic for their project.

Types of Projects

The projects are of two types.

  1. Preparing documents on a particular topic by collecting information by referring different books, journals, and other information provided in the different official websites
  2. By conducting the scientific experiment in laboratories, by following the sequential procedure to obtain the final result or conclusions.

Here are some of the ideas for Biology Projects for Class 11 that are related to animals, the human body, and the plants.


Vermicomposting is the biological method used in transferring organic waste into a nutrient-rich fertilizer. In this process, the organic materials are decomposed by the earthworms and other microbes in the presence of water, temperature, PH and oxygen. Vermicompost acts as a natural fertilizer for gardening and for farming.

Blood Groups

In ABO blood groups system, there are four blood groups. The A, B, AB and O blood groups are distinguished by the presence of antigens and antibodies on the surface of the red blood cells. Among the ABO blood groups system O blood group is considered as the universal donor and AB blood group as the universal recipient. Our blood group is determined by the genes which are inherited from our parents.

Blood Pressure

Blood is the fluid connective tissue, which is carried to all parts of our body from the heart through the blood vessels called arteries. The blood pressure is the force of blood acting against the arteries. The blood pressure reading is being given by the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure.

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