Difference between Gibberellin and Cytokinin

An Overview

Gibberellin and Cytokinin are plant growth hormones. Plant hormones are responsible for the plant’s proper growth and development. The plants secrete these hormones according to their requirements and environmental conditions. All the hormones have their specific functions.

There are five types of plant hormones:

  1. Auxin
  2. Gibberellin
  3. Cytokinin
  4. Ethylene
  5. Abscisic Acid

Let us get to know more about Gibberellin and Cytokinin before differentiating between them.

What is Gibberellin?

Gibberellin is a diterpenoid hormone mainly known for shoot elongation in plants. More than 125 types of gibberellin are known. It is also known as Gibberellic Acid. Gibberellin is named after the fungi Gibberella fujikuroi when it was first found in Japan in rice species and caused major growth in their height, so much so that the plant started falling over. Apart from stem elongation, Gibberellin also plays an important role in breaking seed dormancy and fruit senescence.

What is Cytokinin?

Cytokinin is another important plant hormone that helps in cell growth and cell division. They also help in axillary bud growth and apical dominance. It delays senescence of the plant organs by preventing the breakdown of proteins. Cytokinins work in union with auxin for root and shoot development. It also helps in the repair of plant cells at the wounded locations.

Know more about Cytokinin here.

Gibberellin vs Cytokinin




Gibberellin is a plant hormone responsible for stem elongation.

Cytokinin is a plant hormone responsible for cell division.


It is a pentacyclic diterpene.

They are adenine derivatives with a side chain at N6 position.


GA3, GA4, GA7

Kinetin, zeatin, dihydrozeatin

Starting Compound

Trans-geranylgeranyl diphosphate



They are usually found in seeds, young roots and leaves.

They are synthesised in the roots and travel to all the plant organs.

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This sums up the difference between Gibberellin and Cytokinin. Explore BYJU’S Biology to learn more about such topics.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do auxin, cytokinin, and gibberellin have in common?

Auxin, Cytokinin and Gibberellin have a common role in promoting cell growth and elongation of the plant.


What are the important functions of cytokinins and gibberellins?

Cytokinins are responsible for cell growth and division whereas Gibberellins are majorly involved in stem elongation.


What is the difference between gibberellic acid and gibberellins?

There is no difference between the two as gibberellic acid and gibberellins are synonyms.


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