Effects of Land Pollution

The effects of land pollution are very apparent. And also, land pollution can lead to the contamination of water too. This makes land pollution a biohazard if not carefully managed.

Waste materials that cause land pollution can be classified into one of three types – municipal solid wastes, construction and demolition wastes and hazardous wastes. Municipal solid wastes include non-hazardous wastes from homes, commercial, and industrial establishments. Construction and demolition wastes consist of concrete, metals and asphalt. Hazardous wastes are usually toxic substances that are formed as a by-product of various chemical manufacturing industries and biomedical waste from hospitals. When these three classes of wastes are improperly disposed of, especially hazardous wastes, pollution occurs.

What are the effects of land pollution?

  • Toxic substances may leech into the soil and cause contamination.
  • Waterbodies get contaminated as well.
  • Increased risk of wildfires.
  • Topsoil gets lost.
  • May cause birth defects if exposed to contamination.
  • Can negatively affect the quality of life and also health.
  • Has the potential to affect the growth and development of children.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Effects of Land Pollution

What are biomedical wastes?

The wastes released from the hospitals and primary health care centres are biomedical wastes. It includes blood, pus, discarded syringes, expired medicines and laboratory wastes. These wastes contain highly dangerous pathogens and they must be discarded by incineration.

How are hazardous chemical wastes discarded?

Hazardous chemical wastes are discarded by deep well injection.

What are the threats of plastics?

Plastics harm wildlife, marine life and plants. They choke the water bodies. The microplastics travel into the human body through food. Burning plastics release harmful gases.

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