CBSE Important Questions For Class 11-12 with Marks


Biology is considered to be the most important subject for the students aspiring to clear the NEET exam. In CBSE class 11 and 12, several important chapters are introduced to the students which are crucial to form the basic skills required for a medical career.

CBSE class 11 and 12 Biology syllabus has various important topics, definitions and diagrams that the students need to be thorough with to be able to score well in the class 11 exam, class 12 board exam and NEET exam. To score more on the Biology subject, students need to prepare thoroughly and practice a lot of sample papers and question papers.

To help the students to prepare Biology more effectively, CBSE marks wise Biology important questions for class 11 & 12 are given here. It is suggested to check these important questions to be get acquainted with different variations of questions and be able to tackle any question in the exams.

CBSE Marks Wise Biology Important Questions For Class 11 & 12


It is suggested to practice these questions thoroughly before the exams. Apart from these important questions, students are also suggested to check the below-given links for Biology sample and question papers and prepare more effectively for the exams.

Important Links:

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