Mustard Botanical Name

Botanical Name: Brassica

Brassica falls under Brassicaceae, which is a family of flowering plants that are usually cultivated for their economic importance. Under this family, 372 genera have been identified and over 4000 species have been classified. Members include cabbage, broccoli, turnips, radish, Brussel sprouts and rapeseeds.

This family of plants are commonly called mustards and are cultivated for their economic importance. Some species are used as food plants and others as ornamental plants. More importantly, it is used in the production of vegetable oil.

Members of Brassicaceae can be found on almost all continents of the world, except Antarctica. They are most abundant in Central Asia and the West Asiatic areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mustard Botanical Name


What is the botanical name of Mustard?

The botanical name of Mustard is Brassica.

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