Reforestation - Planting Trees

Forests are extremely important natural resources. It is quite self-explanatory as we all are depended on forests resources for our livelihood, from the air we breathe to the wood we use.

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These forests play a vital role in providing natural resources for humans, habitats for animals, and it also helps by preventing soil erosion, maintaining the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen the in earth’s atmosphere, watershed protection, moderate the climatic changes, etc. Therefore, forests play a very important role in order to maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

Deforestation is a serious hazard to the existence of mankind. Due to deforestation, serious issues have risen like the greenhouse effect, which is caused due to excessive carbon compounds present in the air.

What is Reforestation?

Reforestation mainly refers to the replanting of plants on those land which has been destroyed for the benefits of mankind.

Reforestation is not similar to afforestation. Afforestation mainly refers to the planting of trees, whereas, Reforestation, refers to the replanting of trees. The goals of both afforestation and reforestation are the same.

Reforestation- Planting Trees

If deforestation is the destruction of the forest, reforestation is the construction of forest. Reforestation is the reestablishment of destroyed forests by planting trees. While afforestation is the establishment of the new forest where there was no forest in the beginning. Afforestation is an artificial method where humans have to plant new trees. But reforestation can happen either naturally – by natural seeding or root suckers or artificially – by seeding or planting by humans.

Generally, during reforestation, trees of same species which were present before deforestation are planted. To maintain the ecological balance, it is important to plant at least the same count of plants that were destroyed for human benefits. This process can also take place by itself if the destroyed areas are left undisturbed. Thanks to birds and insects which help in seed-dispersal and pollination.

Both reforestation and afforestation represent a conversion of forests and the green environment. The difference between reforestation and afforestation is still not clear as both the terms refer to planting trees.  Reforestation and afforestation are need of the hour. The government has come forward with any plans to implement this. The Forest Conservation Act, 1980 is a part of this where the preservation and conservation of the forest are the primary focus.

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Another important measure taken by the government is the World Environment Day which is celebrated on June 5th and Van Mahotsav is a week-long festival celebrated in India during the month of July to keep our environment clean and green by planting more number of trees all around us. If you want to gift a green world to our future generation, it’s time, to begin with, reforestation.

Save trees and plant more trees. A reforestation and afforestation project involves planting forest trees in agricultural areas and the establishment of forests.

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