CBSE Class 10 Geography Chapter 2 Forest and Wildlife Resources Important Questions

We humans, along with all living organisms, form a complex web of the ecological system in which we are only a small part and very much dependent on this system for our existence. For example, plants, animals and microorganisms re-create the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink and the soil that produces our food, without which we cannot survive. Forests play a vital role in the ecological system as these are also the primary producers on which all other living beings depend. Students can learn in detail about Forests and Wildlife Resources in Chapter 2 of CBSE Class 10 Geography.

Meanwhile, the CBSE Class 10 Geography Chapter 2 Forest and Wildlife Resources Important Questions helps students with an advanced level of preparation for the class 10 Geography exams. Students can revise the subject better by practising important questions. Students can use these questions to develop their conceptual knowledge of the chapter, as well. It will also help them in scoring high marks in Social Science subject.

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Forest and Wildlife Resources

1. What are the negative factors that cause such fearful depletion of the flora and fauna?

2. (i) Which of these statements is not a valid reason for the depletion of flora and fauna?

(a) Agricultural expansion.

(b) Large-scale developmental projects.

(c) Grazing and fuelwood collection.

(d) Rapid industrialisation and urbanisation

3. Are colonial forest policies to be blamed?

4. Have you noticed any activity which leads to the loss of biodiversity around you? Write a note on it and suggest some measures to prevent it.

5. Match the following animals with their category of existence.

Animals/Plants Category of existence

Blackbuck Extinct

Asiatic elephant Rare

Andaman wild pig Endangered

Himalayan brown bear Vulnerable

Pink head duck Endemic

6. Which of the following factors has led to the decline of India’s biodiversity?

  1. Environmental pollution
  2. Forest fires

(c) Poaching

(d) All of the above

7. Reserved and protected forests are also considered permanent forest estates. Is the statement——–?

(a) True

(b) False

8. What is biodiversity? Why is biodiversity important for human lives?

9. Write a short essay on any practices that you may have observed and practised in the everyday lives, which helped to conserve and protect the environment around you.

10. Justify how the destruction of forests and wildlife is not just a biological issue.

11. How did the destruction of wildlife result in the loss of cultural diversity?

12. Explain Joint Forest Management.

13. What are the steps taken by the government to conserve and protect wildlife?

14. Explain the various categories into which the existing species of plants and animals can be classified. Write examples of plants and animals in each category.

15. Give 3 methods of forest conservation adopted by the Government post-independence.

16. Distinguish between endangered species and vulnerable species of wild animals. Give one example of each.

17. Write a brief note on ‘Project Tiger’.

18. Explain any four reasons for the depletion of forest resources in India.

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