Difference Between Aldehydes And Ketones

Ketones and aldehydes are organic compounds which contain a carbonyl group. These carbonic chemical compounds can be made artificially. The main difference between aldehydes and ketones is their chemical structure. Some tests which help them distinct from each other are Schiff’s test, Tollen’s test, Fehling’s test, Sodium hydroxide test, etc. the result is as follows.

Test Name Aldehyde – Result Ketone – Result
Schiff’s test Pink colour No colour
Tollen’s test Black precipitate None
Fehling’s test Reddish precipitate None
Sodium hydroxide test Brownish resinous material No reaction

Difference Between Aldehydes And Ketones

Properties Aldehydes Ketones
Form R-CHO R-CO-R’
Occur End of the carbon chain Middle of the carbon chain
Found Volatile compounds Sugars
Oxidation Yes Yes
Reactivity More reactive Less reactive

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