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Difference Between Mass and Matter

Mass and matter are two terms that we often hear about both in chemistry and physics classes. Besides, these are two important principles that science students need to understand very clearly and not get confused between them. Most of the time, because of their close relation and an assumption that they can be used interchangeably students tend to misplace the words. But it should be noted that they are complete different words with different meanings.

Students should understand the difference between mass and matter. According to the general definition, matter is anything that occupies space (having volume) and has mass. On the other hand, mass is a quantity that measures of the quantity of matter in a particular object, particle, or space. There are different types or states of matter and mass as well.

Difference Between Mass and Matter

However, here we will look at some key and important differences between mass and matter. Knowing the differences will help in understanding the concepts better.

Difference Between Mass and Matter
Mass Matter
Mass is simply the measure of the amount of matter in a body. Anything that has volume and mass is classified as matter.
Mass cannot be seen but it can be measured or it is quantifiable. Matter is not always visible
Mass is usually measured in unit of kilogram, etc. Matter is measured using different kinds of units such as mass, volume and weight.
Mass has different forms like active and passive gravitational mass as well as inertial mass. Matter is classified usually into liquid, gas and solid.
Mass is always constant and never changes Matter can change into a new product due to some chemical reaction.

These are some differences between mass and matter. To know more about the differences between similar products and other chemistry topics you can keep visiting BYJU’s or download our app for interesting content and learning experience.

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