Ethanol Formula

Ethanol formula is given here along with its structure. Ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol is a simple alcohol and is generally found in alcoholic beverages. Ethyl alcohol or ethanol is also represented as EtOH. The formula for ethanol and its structure is simple and is mentioned below with explanations.

Ethanol Formula

Ethyl alcohol consist of two carbon chains, i.e. ethane from which a hydroxyl group (-OH) is attached. The proper ethyl alcohol (ethanol) chemical formula and structural formula re given in the following points.

Ethyl Alcohol Chemical Formula

Ethanol has 2 carbon atoms, 5 hydrogen atoms, and an OH group. The chemical formula of ethanol is given by-

Chemical Formula for Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol)


Formula for Ethyl Alcohol


Ethyl Alcohol Structural Formula

The carbon atoms in ethanol molecule are sp3 hybridized i.e. they have a free rotation. It is the second most simple alcohol and is represented as-

Ethyl Alcohol Structural Formula

There are various uses of ethanol and the most common one is in the pharmaceutical industry where it is used as an antiseptic. Apart from that, ethyl alcohol is also used in cosmetics, and in biotechnological industries. Click uses of methanol and ethanol to learn more about its uses in everyday life.

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