What is a Variable Cost?

A variable cost is the expense that changes with the decrease and increase of the production output of a company. Variable costs differ with the volume of the output produced. Most of the basic variable costs are:

  •       Raw materials
  •       Packaging
  •       Labour
  •       Transportation fee, commission
  •       Utility bills

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How to Calculate the Variable Cost?

The formula used to calculate the variable cost is:

Total variable cost = Total quantity of output x Variable cost per unit of output

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Where is it mostly used?

In a business, the variable cost is mostly used and is an integral part while analysing the company’s break-even point. The break-even analysis is applied to scan the revenue or the unit that has to be sold to cover the total cost.

The formula to determine the break-even point is:

Break-even point in units = Fixed costs/(Sales price per unit – Variable cost per unit)

For successful investors, variable costs are essential to determine the percentage of the fixed price and forecast how the company will reciprocate under different operating conditions.

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