Importance of Staffing

Staffing is one of the essential functions of management that is concerned with acquiring, hiring, developing, motivating and retaining the best talent for achieving the goals of the organisation.

In other words, staffing is a process of keeping the best resources in an organisation that will result in accomplishing the objectives of the business.

Staffing is essential as without proper human resources, the organisation will not perform as effectively and business will witness downfall.

Following are some of the points of importance of staffing

1. Finding proper resources: Staffing performs a very important role of finding the best resource necessary for conducting the day to day operations of the business. In other words, staffing is the process of finding out the qualified resources for performing the various functions of the business.

2. Facilitates control: An organisation where the staff are well trained in their respective jobs will result in better control and also better performance for the organisation. This reduces deviations in workflow and ensures smooth functioning of the business.

3. Improved performance: Since the staffing process is all about selection of the right person for the right position, it greatly impacts the business performance by reducing the turnaround time.

4. Provides motivation: By recognising the talent of the employee various financial and non-financial incentives can be provided by management. It will keep the employee motivated to provide the best effort towards the improvement of organisational performance.

5. Reduction in cost of production: Staffing selects the appropriate candidate for the job role which results in reducing cost of production and also improves revenue of the organisation.

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