CAT Downloads

CAT is one of the most competitive exams in the country as it is a prerequisite for admissions in the IIMs and other prestigious B-schools in the country. The exam is conducted by the IIMs on a rotational basis and they make sure to analyse the overall skills of the candidates perfectly.

To ace the exam, MBA aspirants need to be very well-equipped with proper study materials and should have the proper preparation. To help the candidates prepare for the exam more effectively, some downloadable questions and shortcuts are provided below.

CAT Downloads:

CAT Question Papers
CAT Sample Papers
CAT Shortcut Techniques


These materials can help to prepare for the exam in a more effective way. It is suggested to download these practice papers and solve them to get acquainted with the actual test scenario. These shortcuts can also help to attempt the CAT questions effectively and quickly.

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These free materials are extremely helpful during the CAT preparation by providing deep insights into the sections and important preparation tips to prepare more efficiently.

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