Economy This Week (13th December to 19th December 2018)

Economy is one of the important areas of questioning in UPSC prelims and mains, series of ‘Economy This Week’ has been initiated to address the need to read and analyse economic articles in various business related newspapers. The round-up of the Economy/Business section news for the week 13th Dec to 19th Dec, 2018 is given below. Business news is essential for IAS exam preparation.

Watch the video lecture on Economy This Week (13th Dec to 19th Dec) below:

Download the Economy This Week ( 13th Dec to 19th Dec, 2018) PDF from the link below:

Economy This week (13th December to 19th December 2018) PDF

Topics covered under this week’s business news round-up are:

  1. Agri-export policy
  2. Farmer Producer Organisations
  3. Food Inflation
  4. Job loss report
  5. GST rationalisation
  6. Questions
You can also download the Weekly Roundup of Business Newspapers PPT (13th December to 19th December 2018) from the link below:
 For more business news videos and PDFs, keep visiting the ‘Economy This Week’ segment regularly.

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