Economy This Week (21st to 27th September 2018)

The round-up of the Economy/Business section news for the week 21st Sep to 27th Sep, 2018 is given below. Business news is essential for IAS exam preparation.

Download the Economy This Week (21st to 27th Sep, 2018) PDF from the link below:

Economy This week (21st to 27th September 2018) PDF

Topics covered under this week’s business news round-up are:

  1. MSME Bill
  2. e-NAM
  3. Promotion of Agri Exports
  4. Safeguard duty on solar imports
  5. India’s trade with its neighbours
  6. Promotion of Oilseed Production
  7. Transportation through Waterways
  8. RBI to conduct OMO
  9. Banks demand relaxation under PCA framework
  10. Impact Bonds
  11. Government imposes import tariffs 
  12. GSTN to be state owned

You can also watch the Weekly Roundup of Business Newspapers Video (21 – 27 Sep, 2018) below:

You can also download the Weekly Roundup of Business Newspapers  PPT (21 – 27 Sep, 2018) from the link below:

Economy This Week PPT (21 – 27 Sep, 2018)

For more business news videos and PDFs, keep visiting the ‘Economy This Week’ segment regularly.

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