BYJU'S Editorials Roundup: Find Here All the Important Newspaper Articles for UPSC Exam Preparation

editorial roundup

With the change in UPSC Exam Pattern every IAS Aspirants are aware of the importance of newspaper reading for UPSC current affairs as well as to refer the important editorials and articles from major newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, Livemint, Hindustan Times and other main newspapers.


The trend in IAS Exam Preparation as taken a whole new facelift with the entry of internet and various UPSC Online Websites which play a major role by giving access to most of the resources as well as online classes for UPSC Exam for which earlier aspirants had to spend too much time as well as money.  Now with one click away, aspirants can get access to most of the resources.


To aid the IAS Aspirants preparation and make their study more organized, BYJU’S has come up with Editorial Roundups where aspirants can find all the important articles that will make their preparation for current affairs, answer and essay writing also interview round easy.


If candidates do not get newspaper and missed certain day’s article then BYJU’S Editorials Roundup is the one place where they can visit anytime from anywhere and find all the important articles of that day for UPSC Preparation.


These editorials and articles will help candidates to prepare an opinion and understand about various happenings in India and around the world as well as enhance the vocabulary of the candidates.


Benefits of Editorials Roundup

  • Keeping physical copies of newspapers are difficult and moreover looking at the bundle aspirants may feel more burdened. So bookmarking important newspaper articles online will make easy for aspirants to read anytime and anywhere as well as to share with their fellow aspirants.
  • Important factual articles in the newspapers are covered that are essential from both IAS prelims and mains exam point of view like new commissions formed, India’s ranking in different indexes.
  • You will find articles that are important for UPSC exam especially for mains
  • Easy to write down the main keywords, phrases and important facts
  • Easy analysis of Editorial articles and to make notes on the same
  • The editorial section will allow candidates to come up with innovative ideas that will enhance candidates’ vocabulary and help them in enriching their answers in UPSC Mains Exam.
    • e.g. Before our cities become smart, they need to become liveable and humane; Learning to Play the Games; Look before you dismantle; Cities at crossroads: Can’t sweep it under the carpet; From Plate to Plough: Connecting the drops; Being Human towards Animals; A Green Rap on the Knuckles.

These kinds of phrases used effectively in a context in the mains exam will get the attention of the evaluator and will quite make a huge impact on your marks.

Some tips on notes making from the Editorials Roundup for beginners:

  • Keep the notes crispy avoid elaborate notes
  • Write in crisp points don’t write complete sentences
  • Make notes that are easy to revise like within 6 days for prelims and 15 days for mains exam

On this page, we will be providing Editorials of leading newspapers like The Hindu, Hindustan Times, LiveMint, The Indian Express and others in English Medium. Anyone can read editorial articles directly and bookmark as well to read later and share with their fellow aspirants as well.

Suggestions are always welcome, keep Suggesting and keep sharing if you find this section useful.

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