Ensure good sleep to be healthy: doctors on World Sleep Day

Students with disturbed sleep are more likely to be depressed, face emotional and behavioural disturbance, see deteriorating academic performance, internet and gaming addiction, excessive gadget use, inter-personal relationship problems , and alcohol and drug abuse.

Survey conducted by the Cosmos Institute of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences (CIMBS)

  • The study found that 34 per cent female students and 15.7 per cent male students reported disturbed sleep.
  • Psychiatrists are seeing a new trend of sleep disorder among children, adolescents and youth in which the individual sleeps late and wakes up late according to the Director, CIMBS on World Sleep Day, which is observed on March 18.
  • Treatment of sleep disorders can reduce risk of hypertension, diabetes, cancers, depression, as well as help prevent accidents.

Curofy, India’s largest community of doctors poll about the percentage of patients seeking a prescription for sleeping pills.

  • It was found that, on an average, 20.3 per cent patients ask for sleeping pills.
  • This means that one out of five patients suffer from sleep disorders.

Reasons for Sleep Disturbances

  • Sleep disturbance is very prevalent these days and there are multiple factors like hectic schedules, night shifts, and high stress involved.
  • A lot of time is spent on social media, which does not have a shut-down time.
  • Also, people are addicted to their laptops and phones, which consumes the necessary eight hours of sleep.

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