UPSC Exam: This Valentine ' s Day Fall in Love with Learning

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” – Pele, Soccer legend

This Valentine’s Day fall in love with learning that will change the whole way of your UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation.

Love is not all about a boy proposing a girl or vice versa, and it is not what you say but it is what you do. So, this Valentine’s Day fall in love with learning and instead of saying I will crack UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam but do it.

The UPSC exam is an epitome of tough work. It is no child’s play to clear the three-stage process involving the IAS prelims, IAS mains, and the UPSC board interview. It mandates immense dedication and planned study for 10-12 months. Sustaining the same interest, enthusiasm, and energy for such a long time is an arduous task. One thing that can help you in this regard is sincere love for what you are doing. Great people have achieved what many deemed impossible because they simply loved what they were doing. Take the case of Sachin Tendulkar or Thomas Edison. They were so successful only because they never considered what they were engaged in as tasks or jobs. They enjoyed the process. Apply the same thing to your IAS preparation. It can work wonders for you.

Useful tips on developing the love for studying:

  • Study for yourself

First of all, study for yourself, not for exams or for your friends or family. Learning is a lifelong process. The moment you stop learning, you cease to grow.


  • Take pride in the knowledge

Knowledge gained adds value to you, your life and your career. Remember while studying that you are gaining one of the most precious jewels on earth – knowledge. Relish the benefits of the knowledge that you acquire.


  • Love the subjects/topics

It helps a lot if you love the subjects you study. The IAS syllabus is so diverse that it is not possible for one person to love all the topics covered in it. You may have to study a few subjects that don’t quite interest you. So, develop an interest in them by unique methods. Try watching documentaries or movies on the topics. Read something light first before moving on to heavy books. Analyze how concepts you study relate to your life.


  • Think about the final result

Whenever you feel bogged down by intense studying, think about the final result – the IAS/IPS post that you desire. Your purpose of studying should make you love the process.


  • Deck up your study room

The ambiance of your study environs matters a lot. Have a bright, cheerful room. Clean it up and get rid of mess and clutter.


  • Group study

Get a study group if you are okay studying in groups. This can pep up the atmosphere. Also, you can share notes and information.


  • Use fun stationery

    Another sure-shot way to make learning fun is to have some colorful stationery with you.


Employ the above-mentioned practical tips and enjoy the process of studying for your IAS exam.


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