Global recognition for ' Compassionate Kozhikode '

Key Points

Compassionate Kozhikode’ has been chosen by ITB (Internationale Tourismus-Börse) Berlin, as one of the 50 inspirational global projects to highlight as part of its golden jubilee celebrations.

The project the only such initiative from India to receive the coveted recognition is one of just three in the whole of Asia.

Compassionate Kozhikode

  • Visualized by District Collector N. Prasanth a year ago.
  • It aims at bringing government agencies and citizens to volunteer to make Kozhikode an inspirational destination for them to live in, and invite others to visit.

ITB – Marking its 150th anniversary

Since its first launch in 1966, ITB — the world’s largest travel trade show has been attracting worldwide attention with 180 participants from five continents

It has created, an online portal showcasing leading examples of excellence in tourism from around the world.

‘50 Destinations, 50 Encounters, 50 Stories’ – The Project

Called ‘50 Destinations, 50 Encounters, 50 Stories’, the project celebrates the most inspiring and innovative examples from tourism around the world.

‘Compassionate Kozhikode’ flips the idea

  • Tourism has been highlighted and promoted as a powerful tool for development, but ‘Compassionate Kozhikode’ tosses the idea on its head.
  • It starts from the idea that a destination is first and foremost a place where people live.
  • It focuses its efforts on making Kozhikode a better place for its citizens.
  • And, it naturally follows that it will be a better place for travellers to visit.

It is India’s only project to be selected by Berlin’s Internationale Tourismus-Börse

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