Highly Effective Study Habits for Your IAS Preparation

The UPSC exam prelims are round the corner. As per the recently released 2021 UPSC Calendar, the IAS exam prelims would be held on 27th June 2021. If you are a serious IAS aspirant, you would already be well into your IAS preparation. Do you want to maximize your productivity? Do you want to develop effective study habits so that you can crack the mother of all examinations and achieve that IAS dream of yours? Read on to find out about some highly effective study habits for your IAS preparation.

Approach it the right way

The most effective habit to develop while studying is to have the right frame of mind. Don’t look at studies like a chore but as a process by which you augment your personality and knowledge levels. Enjoy learning. It will make the process seem like a cakewalk. Instead of thinking about the huge UPSC syllabus to cover, think of what all knowledge you are gaining.

Everything in life is location, location, location!

It is important to study with the proper ambience. Your study place must be peaceful, clean, clutter-free and inspiring. Avoid making a habit of studying while in your bed or in your TV room. Read about how you can create the perfect study environment.

Make it fun!

Make learning fun by studying with infographics, charts, flowcharts, diagrams, mnemonics, etc. Relate what you read to your own life and surroundings. Making it fun unleashes your creativity too.

Notes and some more

Another good study habit is to make notes or flowcharts or any tool that enhances your understanding and recall of the concept. IAS toppers swear by their notes. You can become a topper too by emulating this highly effective habit.

Accessorize properly

Get the right study materials. This includes not only the right recommended books but also enough stationery with you.

Practice makes perfect

The last highly effective habit is to practice whatever you are studying. Practice writing answers, practice previous year UPSC question papers, practice mock tests, etc. The adage ‘practice makes perfect’ is right on the money especially when it comes to clearing the daunting UPSC civil services exam.

So, what are you waiting for? Inculcate these highly effective study habits and see your IAS dreams become a reality.

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