02 Aug 2020: The Hindu Analysis

UPSC Current Affairs Preparation: The Hindu Analysis

Watch expert analysis of ‘The Hindu’ dated 2nd August 2020. Important news and views to boost your IAS exam preparation.

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  1. Hi Sir,

    I just had a doubt about a answer writing and would like to have a clarification. Please do not mind if it is illogical in some sense.

    I went through tips which says ‘options are usually incorrect if it consists of uncertain words like can, cannot, possible etc’ . So will it bring any affect on my answers if i mention such words in my answers?

    A line of confirmation will be highly appreciated.

    1. In Mains answer-writing, you should always try to be neutral. Use of extreme words like cannot, will not, should not; to be avoided. Always try putting a balanced view. You can use words like, ‘may/may not’; ‘as quoted by ‘some eminent personality,’ or you can also use facts if you are using some extreme words.

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