UPSC Prelims Exam: Must Know Facts about Indus Valley Civilization Part IX

UPSC Exam: Must Know Facts about Indus Valley Civilization.

Continuing with the series on the great Indus Valley Civilization, we bring you some interesting facts about it. This is important not only from a historic point of view, but also from the UPSC IAS exam viewpoint. These static facts can increase your understanding and appreciation of this ancient civilization and of course, aid you in your IAS prelims exam.


Fact# 44: The Indus Valley Script has still not been deciphered

  • One of the reasons we don’t know much about this civilization is that their script has not yet been deciphered.
  • Around 400 different symbols have been identified inscribed in objects.
  • They appear in strings of between 3 and 20.
  • Historians believe they are probably names and don’t have any other meaning.


Fact# 45: No depiction of any king or ruler

  • Despite having an organised way of life, there is no depiction or evidence of any ruler or any governing system for the Harappan civilization.
  • The closest depiction to any kind of a central figure is a terracotta sculpture believed to be that of a priest-king.



Fact# 46: No temples in the Indus Valley Civilization

  • Archaeologists haven’t found any structure resembling a temple or a palace or any monument.
  • In fact, most other contemporary civilizations have some central monuments.
  • The absence of any palace or temple despite structures like granaries and public baths led historians to believe that the Indus Valley society was an egalitarian one.


Fact# 47: No evidence of warfare

  • Although some weapons like spears, knives and arrow-heads have been excavated from the sites, there is no evidence of warfare from the Indus Valley Civilization.
  • It is concluded that they were in general a peace-loving people.
  • It is also possible that this was because they had no natural enemies and the other settlements had good trade relations with them.


Fact# 48: There is no information about their political structure or religious beliefs

  • Not much is known about their political or religious life.
  • It is believed that they might have worshipped a Mother Goddess in addition to other male and female deities.


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