Redressal Mechanism and Institutions

Accessible and effective grievance redressal mechanisms are a necessary component of accountability; the errors of decision-makers can be corrected, oversight highlighted, abuses and misuses rectified and shortcomings avoided. Public grievances primarily arise out of the inaccessibility of public servants, failure to even acknowledge applications, non-enforcement of any kind of time- limit, insensitivity and unsympathetic attitude of public servants at various levels. A number of grievance redressal cells are created at various levels but they lack effectiveness. The problem is that these cells have further added to the citizens’ grievances, as most of them remain unresponsive and ineffective. It is a common sight on the railway stations and bus stands that the “May I help you” counters are generally deserted or occupied by vendors/beggars. If we are not able to ensure the effectiveness of such counters, its better to do away with them, as it does more harm than good and further erodes the faith of the common man in administrative machinery.

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