RSTV - The Big Picture: Commercial Mining of Coal

Guests : Anil Razdan, Former Secretary, Ministry of Power : T K Arun, Editor, Opinion, Economic Times


  • Coal is the base of 70% power generation in the country.
  • Indian coal has high Ash content and low Sulphur content
  • Coal auction will be in online platform to increase the transparency
  • Open market that is done now is good move

Facts and Figures:

  • India has one of the largest coal reserve but we are importing large coal for billion dollars because we choose monopoly that is incapable of domestic demand.
  • To overcome this, we gone for captive mining but this will have a Big impact on Coal India and the state which having cold Reserves

Role of private players

  • By bringing private players there will be in efficiency in coal sectors and in some other sectors too and there will be a better working practice in country as it makes Coal India to increase its efficiency
  • Core sector should have some benchmark for the players
  • There should be a proper Regulation and allocation for the players
  • The beneficiation of coal should be done before loading
  • More mining and better exploitation, the particular grade coal can also be made
  • Dry beneficiation should be done without polluting the water resource
  • Gasification is also in increasing trend in India and it should be done better

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