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UPSC 2017-18: PIB Summary and Analysis Dec 08


  • Trachoma is an infectious disease caused by bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis
  • The infection causes a roughening of the inner surface of the eyelids
  • This roughening can lead to pain in the eyes, breakdown of the outer surface or cornea of the eyes, and eventual blindness
  • Untreated, repeated trachoma infections can result in a form of permanent blindness when the eyelids turn inward

How it spreads

  • By skin-to-skin contact (handshakes or hugs).
  • By saliva (kissing or shared drinks).
  • By touching a contaminated surface (blanket or doorknob).


  • Shri J P Nadda releases National Trachoma Survey Report 
  • He declared that India is now free from ‘infective trachoma’, and termed this as a momentous achievement.
  • the goal of trachoma elimination as specified by the WHO under its GET2020 program is met.



MSME Sambandh

  • The objective of the portal is to monitor the implementation of the Public Procurement from MSEs by Central Public Sector Enterprises.


  • The minister said MSME sector generates more employment next only to Agriculture sector.
  • He said that 80% of jobs in industry is given by MSME with just 20% of investment



International conference on Ground water 

  • An International conference is being organized on the Ground water issues in the country with a theme of “Ground water Vision 2030- Water Security, Challenges and Climate Change Adaptation”
  • The conference has been organized by the National Institute of Hydrology (NIH), Roorkee and Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) under the aegis of Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation


  • During the past decades, groundwater usage in the country has grown many folds and today 80% of the rural domestic needs and 65% of the irrigation water requirement and 50% of industrial and urban water needs are sourced from our ground water resources.
  • Over exploitation of ground water has started threatening the sustenance of agricultural activities in many key regions in the country including Punjab, Bundelkhand and Rajasthan posing a grave threat to the food security in future.
  • Moreover, climate change is expected to alter the ground water recharge regimes across the country due to increase in extreme rainfall events. Over exploitation of ground water has also started affecting the ground water quality in many areas from the geogenic source of contaminants such as arsenic.
  • The Conference will discuss these burning issues in 10 focal themes spread over three days.
  • It is expected to look into the synergistic policy options between various sectors linked with water resources in the country and draw a roadmap to address these challenges for the development goals of 2030.


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