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UPSC 2017-18: PIB Summary and Analysis Dec 02

XITH Annual MedTech Summit of Biodesign Programme Under Department of Biotechnogy 

  • The Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, has implemented Biodesign programme with the aimto develop innovative and affordable medical devices as per unmet clinical needs of India and to train the next generation of medical technology innovators in India for bringing such impactful devices to the real world. This Program is implemented by Department of Biotechnology jointly at AIIMS and IIT Delhi in collaboration with International partners. 
  • This event was attended by leaders of Government organisations, academia, medical device industry, start-ups, hospitals, design, business and engineering institutes from Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, UK and USA. 



India re-elected as Member of International Maritime Council for two years (2018-19) 


  • India is a party to 34 IMO Conventions and protocols and is currently in the advanced stage of ratifying Ballast Water Convention and Bunker Convention.
  • India continues to provide services of its expert manpower to the IMO, as and when required. The IMO’s panel of auditors for the Voluntary IMO Member State Audit Scheme (VIMSAS) and Goal Based Standards (CBS) has a number of auditors from India.
  • With re-election in IMO, India will continue to engage with the international maritime community to further her maritime interests and promote the welfare of her citizens.

International Maritime Council (IMO)

  • The IMO is theUnited Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships and its ambit includes legal matters, technical co operation, and the efficiency of shipping.
  • Headquartered at London, UK
  • IMO is governed by an assembly of members and is financially administered by a council of members elected from the assembly.

IMO council:

  • It acts as the IMO’s Governing Body. It has a crucial role to play in deciding various matters in relation to the global shipping industry, including its work programme strategy and budget.
  • Members of the Council consist of 40 member states, elected by its Assembly including 10 members in category A with the largest interest in providing international shipping services; 10 members in category B with the largest interest in international seaborne trade and 20 members in category C with special interests in maritime transport or navigation.


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