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UPSC 2017-18: PIB Summary and Analysis Sept 27


Topic: Food Security

The country is the world’s largest milk producer for the past two decades and its credit goes to the farmers of the country: Shri Radha Mohan Singh


  • India is at number one in milk production and contributes 19 percent of the world’s total milk production.
  • Dairy farmers’ income has increased by 13.79 percent in the year 2014-17 compared to the year-ago period.


  • National Dairy Development Board has implemented several major dairy development programs including ‘Operation Flood’ from its inception in the country
  • National Dairy Project (NDP) aims to increase the productivity of milch animals which will lead to increase in milk production for meeting growing demand for milk.
  • The productivity of milch animals is increasing through artificial insemination using high-quality semen taken from high genetic bulls and by proving balanced food to the animals of the farmers.
  • To promote balanced diet for the effective use of input, NDP initiatives are helping farmers to increase production by lowering dietary costs.
  • Prime Minister, on the 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement, under the ‘Sankalp se Siddhi Mission’, the Central Government has set a target to double the income of farmers by 2022.

Topic: Science and Technology

India Joins Race in 5G Ecosystem, Constitutes High Level Forum on 5G India 2020 

India is at the edge of a next generation of wireless technology 5G.

A digital transformation brought about through the power of connectivity is taking place in almost every industry.

The landscape is expanding to include massive scale of “smart things” to be interconnected.

The economic benefits from the 5G technology are also quite immense.

As per the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) Committee on Digital Economic Policy, it has been stated that 5G technologies rollout will help in,

  1. Increasing GDP
  2. Creating Employment
  3. Digitizing the economy.

The Term of Reference of the High Level Forum for 5G India 2020 shall be: –

  1. Vision Mission and Goals for the 5G India 2020, and
  2. Evaluate, approve roadmaps & action plans for 5G India 2020.

The primary goals of the forum are to achieve:

  • early deployment of 5G in India.
  • a globally competitive product development and manufacturing ecosystem targeting 50% of India market and 10% of global market over next 5 to 7 years.

The forum will complement the eco-system by focused actions in the following areas:

  • Research Ecosystem – for IPR development, standards development and proof of concepts through research projects, PPP projects, testbeds and pilot roll-outs.
  • Regulatory Framework – including spectrum assignments and a start-up friendly regulatory environment to enable leap-frog and embracing of innovative technologies.
  • Inclusive Business environment – with special focus on investment incentives favourable to start-ups and innovators and enablement of Venture capitalists.

Forum will constitute a number of Steering Committees in different domains.

A vibrant eco-system of research built around 5G that encompasses Industry, Government and Academia will further strengthen the MAKE (& DESIGN) in INDIA initiatives to enable:

  • Design and manufacture of 5G technologies, products and solutions in India;
  • 5G start-ups that enable this design and manufacturing capabilities;
  • Generation of IPR backing the above designs;
  • India based companies should have some essential IPR in the 5G standard;
  • Manufacture of 5G chipsets, this may require massive investments;
  • Appropriate testbeds and technology platforms to enable and help Indian technical ecosystem to have an edge in 5G;
  • Accelerated deployment of next generation ubiquitous ultra-high broadband infrastructure with 100% coverage of 10 Gbps across urban India and 1 Gbps across Rural India.


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