UPSC Exam: Gist of Yojana 2015

UPSC Exam Preparation: Gist of Yojana 2015 issue.

IAS Aspirants’ can find the list of yojana editions of individual month and topics of the entire year as published by the Government of India and also download the Yojana 2015 and 2016 editions PDF.

Yojana 2015 October: Skill development : Scaling new heights


Yojana 2015 September:  Smart cities Transforming urban landscape


Yojana 2015 August: Inclusive Growth and Social Change
Inclusion through skill development
Financial Inclusion
Inclusion through technology
Economic growth and social development:Addressing the divergences
Inclusion of MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
Employment and Inclusive Growth in India:Emerging Pattern a Perspectives
Making Agriculture a Tool of Inclusive Growth


Also, download Yojana Magazines 2015 from the below given link.

1.              January –  Sanitation, Development and social change

2.              February – Federalism and Indian Polity

3.              March – Union Budget 2015

4.              April – Manufacturing Sector

5.              May – Tourism

6.              June – Alternative Medicine

7.              July – International relations a new Vistas

8.              August – Inclusive Growth and social change

9.              September – Smart cities Transforming urban landscape

10.           October – Skill development : Scaling new heights

11.           November – Transport

12.          December – Climate change and sustainability


Also, click here to download Yojan 2016 Issue PDFs

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