UPSC Interview By Transcripts Mamta Gupta Board K S Chalam

Interview Board: K. S. Chalam
Name: Mamta Gupta
Interview Date/Year: 2011

I entered after taken permission.


M- Good afternoon mam, Good afternoon Sir

C- Very good afternoon. Please come and have a seat. (I entered)


C- So how did you enter into the room?

M- Sir, I came here by walking.


C- Ok. So is there any other way to enter into the room? (I started thinking) C- So we can say there is no other way to enter.

M- Yes sir.


C- You are a Electronics engineer. So you will use your knowledge in administration.( He said while looking at my summary sheet)

M- Yes sir. I will use. There is E-governance.( I started elaborating further. He interrupted).


C- I did not ask the details. Just yes or no. M- Sorry sir.

(He passed on to the other member)


O- From your region there are many millionaires / Billionaire. What is the reason? (He also gave some data that out of 10000/100000 persons, one is millionaire)

(I belong to Shekhawati region.)

M- Yes sir. Because, people from my reason are intelligent and hard working. (I said with smile. Nothing else came to my mind)


O- So people only from your area are intelligent and hardworking (everyone was laughing) M- Others are also but people from my area are more intelligent and more hard working.


O- Do you know if soil of western districts of Rajasthan like Jaisalmer, Badmer etc. is suitable for Olive farming?

M-(I started thinking)

O- You know countries in Northern Africa near Mediterranean Sea do Olive cultivation.

M- Yes sir. There it is but I don’t know about Rajasthan.


O- Any idea how many types of Olives and their qualities.

M- Sorry sir


O- You should as cooking is your hobbies.

M- I have used olive only in Pizza and also olive oil is good for hair.


(He passed on to the lady member)


O- So your college in MNIT. What is it?

M- It is Malviya national institute of technology. It is one of the NITs.


O- You have such good grades. You must have worked very hard. (She was saying ‘very good’ after my every answer)


O- Have you heard CSR?

M- Yes mam. It is Corporate Social Responsibility.


O- Very good. What activities companies do as part of this?

M- Thinking…


O- If you don’t know something, say that you don’t know (she was a bit strict this time)

M- Sorry mam. I am not able to recall.


O- What your company does for this?

M- My company has collaboration with NGOs like NAYI DISHA in Noida. We give money to them and also sometimes we organize exhibitions for article made by them. So this way they earn some money.


O- So you give monetary help.

 M- Yes mam.


O- Why you want to become civil servant?

M- I have seen many problems in my village. That made me feel that I should do and will do something for them.


O- Ok. So what type of problems is there? M- There is water shortage.

(I started explaining…)


O- Please give as 1… 2… 3…

M- Education, health facilities etc. (she was not convinced).


O- Is there Casteism problem also there?

M- No. There is mainly Agarwal community there. (I think i should not had said this)


C- (Laughing). They have driven everyone else out from there. (Everyone laughing now)

(She passed on to other member)

O- Have you heard about Short Service Commissioning in army? M- No Sir.


O- OK. In this after 14 years of service women are given compulsory retirement. Now they are demanding full term. Do you know what could be reason for this?

M- (Thinking…)… Sir, Women have family responsibilities.


O- Once they are in service, woh to manage ho hi jata hai.

M- Sorry sir, I don’t know.


O- So Rajasthan is a very famous tourist destination. Tourism has led to many problems there like Social disturbance, drug trafficking. What can be done to solve this?

M- For drug trafficking, police should be more active. (I could not answer further)


O- In western Rajasthan, there are border problems. What Govt. is doing to resolve this?

M- Air force, Army, Police all are working together. There is border fencing, Camel patrol. Also there are QRT (quick response team)


O- Border security is done by BSF, CRPF or by police and army as you are saying.

M- Sir, it’s done but all together.


O- May be you are right. I will check again. (Other member)

O- What is the difference between 2G, 3G, 4G and S band. What is their frequency. M- I told the different frequency ranges.


O- What is the Devas multimedia controversy?

M- There was an agreement between ISRO and Devas and ISRO sold them S bank spectrum at much less price than the market price.


O- Is that’s all or anything else also.

M- ISRO also agreed to launch 2 satellites for Devas.


O- How much percentage utilization was to be done by Devas. M – 90%. 9 out of 10 transponders.

(They discussing whether those satellites were launched or not and the satellite which failed was same or other)


O- What could be done to improve agriculture in Rajasthan?

M- Farmers should be told which crop and fertilizer is suitable for soil. This will increase the productivity.

(He was not convinced)


O- Today every farmer knows all this. What else.

M- Bio fuel. This will also increase his income and also suitable for Rajasthan as requires less water.


O- No. Bio fuel is only for that soil which is completely barren. It further makes soil unproductive. Which bio fuel crop can be grown?

M- Jatropha.


C- (Laughing) Bookish knowledge. O- Jatropha is not at all suitable.

O- There should be cattle rearing, agro forestry, and social forestry along with agriculture.

M- Yes sir (I started recalling as I had read all this).


Your interview is over. You can leave now. M- Thank you ma’am. Thank you sir!

I came out of the room.

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