UPSC Interview Transcript By Ajay Agarwal Board Reddys

Interview Board: Reddy
Name: Ajay Agarwal
Interview Date/Year: 15/04/2013


CH: What are your subjects?
CH: What are you doing now a day?
CH: Some question on educational background.
M1: What is GPS?
M1: What’s the use of GPS
M1: How GPS works
M1: population as an asset or burden, what do you think

M2 (lady member from north-east, asking questions after giving detail explanation)
M2: what’s the trend of Chinese population now a days, what’s the future prospects.
M2: what’s the difference between Indian and Chinese population, compare it with recent trends and after 50 years.
M2: What about population of Germany, what the problem there, explain in detail 

M2: How we can compare Indian population trends with German population.

M3: Asked about my research area that is utilisation of MCH care service.
M3: Why we are trying to improve the MCH indicators.
M3: How it will help in development of the country.
M3: What Indian government is doing for this?
M3: What do you think we should do to improve MCH in India.
M3: What is regional development?
M3: how we can do regional development.
M3: What are the approaches for the RD.
M3: What is the mechanism government of India is following for the regional development.
M3: There were some more questions from here and there, don’t remember exactly.

M4: What is GDP and GNP
M4: What is greater in Indian context and why.
M4: What is TFR, TFR of India?
M4: What is NRR, NRR of India
M4: What is replacement rate.

CH: ok your interview is over. Thank you.
Overall the board was very cool and cordial.
Now hope for the best

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