UPSC Interview Transcript By Amit Kumar Pandey Board Alka Sirohi

Interview Board: Alka Sirohi
Name: Amit Kumar Pandey
Interview Date/Year: 2014


My interview:

Background: Aerospace engineering B Tech & M Tech

Optional: Physics and Math

The questions asked were:

Alka Sirohi:

  1. What are you doing now (Job related)?
  2. What is Olympus (DAF related)

Following were asked in the last—————————————————————-

  1. Stealth Technology and ways to do achieve it (Related to my M Tech thesis)…
  2. What is Von- Allen Radiation?
  3. What is Phalcon Radar?
  4. What is 360 degree appraisal system?
  5. What is optical illusion? (I don’t know)
  6. Okay, Tell me more about standing committees…any other than PAC (2 more propped up from nowhere…ethics committee and committee on estimates :))


Last question. Have u heard about committee on public undertaking?

(As soon as I heard it, I said yes ma’am…and explained it…as soon as she heard about its purpose from my mouth, she gave a look at M1 and they both looked happy)


  1. Is aeronautics different from aerospace?
  2. Explain the Dreamliner issue and underlying problem?
  3. Will India be affected by Dreamliner’s grounding?
  4. What is governance?
  5. What is accountability?
  6. Is there any mechanism through which union activities of the executives can be checked? (Through various standing and selected adhoc committees like JPC)
  7. Tell me about PAC and how does it ensures accountability over executives.
  8. Tell me the current chair of Pac, its selection process, composition
  9. Why the head of Pac is not from the ruling govt.?
  10. What are the other committees? (I said that there are about 22 committees but unfortunately could not recall none due to pressure)
  11. Is there any mechanics through which transparency can be ensured?

(My ans. was NGOs and Civil society…forgot to add RTI…he himself added it) 



  1. What do you mean by a model code of conduct? Have u heard of it? In which context? Any recent incident which violated it?
  2. Why do we have a model code of conduct?
  3. Recently many districts were merged in UP and many new formed. What were the consequences of it on citizens who will be included under the administration of area under new name?
  4. As a DM what will u do to tackle such a situation?


  1. You have a good degree then why IAS?
  2. What do you do in” Tracking advancements in aviation”?

(Hobby related: I used many jargons here to steer the interview my way…luckily almost every question Alka ma’am asked from it only like stealth…)


  1. Why India has very less number of great scientists and engineers in comparison to USA and Europe? (sala itna dheere bol raha tha ki samajh hi nahin aa raha thaalka ma’am helped me in explaining the question )
  2. Difference between science and technology? And which came first? (I gave wrong answer to it and later he explained that Tech should have come first then Sci)

The whole interview lasted for about 30 mins and I fumbled on few occasions…


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