UPSC Interview Transcript By Gautam Singh Chaudhary Board Alka Sirohi

Interview Board: Alka Sirohi
Name: Gautam Singh Chaudhary
Interview Date/Year: 29 March 2012


Name of the Candidate: Gautam Singh Chaudhary

Attempt: 1st Attempt


“Board consisted of 5 members including Alka Sirohi, 4 male members. (2 on my left side may have been proffs and the 2 on right hand side were from administrative side because of their dressing and question asking. style).


As I entered the room the board greeted me and asked me to sit. Straight away they started asking questions.


Question: 1. Do you know about financial meltdown that happened in the world?

Answer: I told about the current meltdown that happened in USA.


Question: 2. what was the underlying cause?

Answer: Sub Prime crisis told…. but they asked another question.


Question: 3. Tell us earlier meltdown you remember?

Answer: Asian, us 1930’s meltdown told.


Question: 4. What is the difference between the comeback of 1930’s meltdown and today’s meltdown.


Answer: Abut India and China being the growth stories.


Question: 5. What is the difference between Indian and Chinese economy?

Answer: About Chinese being export led economy whilst India being much of self-consuming economy.


Question: 6. Do you really think India Does not export much?

Answer: It Does Specially in IT, gems and stones, textiles and Parma, but not in manufacturing industry.


Question: 7. why india is lagging behind in this sector?

Answer: Labour laws (asked later Q 15 ), electricity crunch, economies of scale, govt. support, exchange rates control. ma’am passes to another member


Question: 8. Gautam Singh you have lived in border districts, specially in bikaner (skooling), barmer ( working cairn energy), what are the problems related to communication?

Answer: Jamming of mobile networks, and TV relays of other countries channels being aired.( Did ‘nt understand the question much)


Question: 9. Your Birthplace is Pali, Rajasthan. Tell us about the famous Temple there?

Answer: Ranakpur Temple.


Question: 10. How many pillars are there?

Answer: 1444


Member 1 (professor type)


Question: You have been involved in blood donation camps? Tell us universal donors and acceptors? Why you can’t give just any blood? Antigens and everything answered.


member 2 (proffesor lyk)


Question: has private players coming into oil exploration helped India? What developments especially in Barmer are going on… after this discovery?

Local empowerment – 25% — to Barmer citizens. 25%– to Rajasthan people 25% — to Indians 25%– world the hiring policy of the company justified??

yes as highly skilled labour from anywhere in the world.

Local residents get unskilled job… but in few years with education can change the scenario.


Question: Cairn energy stakes right now? Is Vedanta deal beneficial?


Question: India-Iran pipeline status? what is TAPI?


Member 3


Question: Labours laws in India should be there or not?


Question: In India lots of iron ore is extracted, why then the Chinese import of steel costs less compared to Indian counterparts?


Question: what is personal marketing? – Amway and all


Question : What is ponzi scheme?


Member 4 (senior official types).


Question: sam dam dandh bhed— explain?


Question: Will you use them all after you become an IAS?


Question: In today’s scenario is Indian democracy liberal?

Had no clue…..waited and asked ma’am to repeat…


Question: (reframed) right to dissent … is being missused? Argue


Question: do you know about argumentative Indian?

 Yes… told about the book.


Exam Interview Details:

Interview Marks: 225

Qualified Rank: 297

Total Marks : 1130

Interview Board: Alka Sirohi Board

 Date:29th March 2012

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