UPSC Interview Transcript By Kapil Jindal Board Purshottam Aggarwal

Interview Board: Purshottam Aggarwal
Name: Kapil Jindal
Interview Date/Year: 31-Mar-2008



Interview Write-up: You have law and philosophy. Is there any connection between the two? Me: Yes sirs both are related. Both regulate the conduct of our life, though in different ways. Law regulates our conduct externally by providing for the punishment for wrong conduct whereas philosophy regulates internally by providing moral grounds for good behavior.


Interviewer: Is providing punishment the philosophy of the entire law? Me: No sir, it is basically the philosophy of criminal law.


Interviewer: Tell something about international criminal law. Me: sir, as such there is no codified international criminal law.


Interviewer: Have you heard about the international criminal court? What is the recent controversy regarding its jurisdiction?

Me: Sir, I have heard about ICC but I do not have any idea about the controversy regarding its jurisdiction.


Interviewer: you are from Sirsa. It was earlier a part of Hisar. Do you have any idea about the kinds of crops present there?

Me: Yes sir, cotton, barley, wheat, sarso are the main crops of our area.


Interviewer: do you know what is BT cotton?

Me: yes sir it is biotechnologically modified version of cotton and it helps in increasing the production.


Interviewer: BT stands for? Me: it stands for biotechnology


Interviewer: no, it is the name of the gene. Me: sorry sir and thanks for correcting me.


Interviewer: Tell me the chronology of police administration starting from the hawaldar.

Me: Sir, I don’t exactly know the chronology but i know that after constable there is head constable- SHO-SDM-DSP-SP-SSP-DIG-IG.


Interviewer: Have u ever been to DC office.

Me: No, Sir


Interviewer: you have philosophy. Is it necessary to believe in god? Is there any effect on our moral values if don’t believe in god?

Me: Sir, it is not necessary to believe in god but still it is good to be a believer of god. a belief in god is generally good at moral values.


Interviewer: You mean to say that all the people who don’t believe in god are not moral?

Me: sorry sir, but i did not mean that. We believe in god only for the purpose of giving some objectivity to our morality otherwise it will become difficult to define morality.


Interviewer: there is no need to believe in god as the locus of moral values. Who holds the view?

Me: sir, Charvaka hold this view .


Interviewer: Ok Kapil u can leave now. Me: thank u sir, good evening.

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