UPSC Interview Transcript By Nishant Jain Board H C Gupta

Interview Board: Prof H C Gupta
Name: Nishant Jain
CSE Examination Year: 2013
Interview Date/Year: 26 May 2014


Nishant Jain IAS Rank 13, UPSC-2014

26 May 2015, Afternoon Session      

Board:  Prof. H C Gupta

Duration: 30-35 minutes

Medium: Hindi      

Optional: Hindi Literature


My UPSC Interview Transcript


(The Chairman described my educational and professional background in brief)



  1. Some awards in Literature at international level
  2. Noble and Booker winners, Book of Amitav Ghosh
  3. LG-CM controversy in Delhi
  4. States similar to Delhi in India in terms of powers of CM
  5. Contemporary Writing in Hindi Literature 


Member 1:

  1. Any challenge for National Security in recent past.
  2. Outcome of China Visit, What is Staple Visa.


Member 2 (Lady Member)

  1. Should India follow ‘One Language Policy’.
  2. Politicians visit religious pilgrimages.  Isn’t it against Secularism. 
  3. What should a district collector do?
  4. What is Socialism?
  5. Don’t you think disparities in society are increasing,  our Socialism is only decorative?


Member 3:

  1. Whether Hindi is Official Language or National language, Is there any difference between them?
  2. Why could we not make Hindi our national language in 65 years after independence?
  3. Don’t you think our economy is inclined towards Capitalism?
  4. Why Indian Islam is liberal, not radical?


Member 4 (may be Psychologist)

No questions.



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